Despite the recent plunge, the crypto market is not dead. Cryptocurrencies are gaining more a more adepts and blockchain technology is finding more uses.

One of the best ways investors are finding to use their bitcoins is by acquiring property. Every day there is a new company ready to accept cryptocurrency for full or partial payment. Here is a list of countries we spotted where you can buy a house with your cryptos.


You can now invest in Dubai’s Real Estate Market using cryptocurrencies thru Provident Estate or Driven Properties as they get comfortable with using bitcoin and other altcoins to buy and sell property.


Real Estate Giant Caruso, has entered the BTC space with an undisclosed investment. The organization revealed it will begin accepting bitcoin as payment for rent following a partnership with Gemini – the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins.


The E-Commerce Giant MercadoLibre has become the first South American company to use bitcoin as a valid payment method. MercadoLibre’s customers will now be able to buy real estate with Bitcoin in Argentina and other Latin American countries.


Bithome, a Swiss consulting company simplifies all transactional components of using cryptocurrency so you can buy or sell real estate in Switzerland and across all Europe.

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