About the FLIX Token

The FLIX Token is an ERC 223 compliant Utility Token which was originally deployed in 2018 for the CryptoFLIX project, which was an online movie and TV streaming platform for the large percentage of the world’s population, which does not have banking access and therefore is not able to use a credit card to access online content through Netflix or any other VOD platform.

The original project also contained a planned section of free and paid educational content for use in schools and by private individuals. Sadly, the market for Utility Tokens crashed shortly after the original ICO, leaving the original CryptoFLIX team with very limited resources to proceed immediately.

Meanwhile, during the past 3 years, a lot has happened in online film and TV streaming. Even before the pandemic but especially after, film studios have merged, big libraries of content have been sold and new international hard-hitting players have been introduced in the streaming market, which is no longer an ocean of opportunities. This can only prove that the CryptoFlix idea was good – but we just did not have enough resources to execute it.

Now that the trust in Tokens is solid and the market for them has returned, we decided to resume the FLIX project. The project will be launched as an educational platform called FlixUcation, which will build on the original concept of free and paid educational content for private individuals, businesses, and schools.

You can follow the progress on www.flixucation.com and start learning with us.The platform will offer discounts to users when payment in FIAT is immediately exchanged to FLIX tokens. Gradually, we will offer full FLIX payment from a wallet through to the educators and content owners, if they wish to receive payment in FLIX Tokens.

Aside from FlixUcation, we are working on a number of further projects and technologies from the original CryptoFLIX project as well as new ideas to support the development and future of the FLIX token which we expect to be an exciting one.

The new and improved team working with the FLIX token and the associated projects consists of both core members of the CryptoFLIX team as well as some new additions, who are experienced in the expanded areas that we now are exploring.

We look forward to being able to share more exciting (listing) news very soon so stay tuned.